Thrift: A New Trip

December 5, 2018


For Kent-quintet Thrift, 2018 has been a year of self-development and honing their sound. The band pools all influences from Brazilian rock to UK indie and Australian psychedelia, and the past year saw them ride the wave of influences into a triumphant EP in the form of ⅗. Previously described as “a refreshing concoction of Tame Impala navigating their Pink Floyd influences further with the raw, spirited, coastal influence of The Maccabees Colour It In-era” it’s hard to not be excited by a band at the heart of a thriving psychedelic-indie movement that is currently sweeping the south coast of the UK.


As the band round out their year with a series of live shows, including joining The Tea Project and Close To The Sun in London, they’re also focused on writing for their next release where they intend on honing in on their sound even further - integrating even more of their influences into their very signature sound. We caught up with lead singer and guitarist Matt Bagshaw to discuss how Thrift write together, what we can expect next and the band’s surroundings and its influence on their music.


“I had the luxury of growing up between Dover and Folkestone. Predominantly me, Tylor and Dev are from Dover. We met in school and I’d say we occupied our weekends with good friends, the occasional house or field party and debauchery set against the coast. It’s kind of in our make up, our surroundings definitely lead to a more relaxed way of living and growing up, which has certainly influenced how and what we play as a band.”


The band’s recent writing sessions are a testament to how well they all work together to weave their way through everyone’s influences and contributions, threading them perfectly into song. Matt plays us a couple of live recordings from their rehearsal space and the progression less than a year on from their latest release is sizeable. But how do they manage to write together when there is so much to consider from five people’s interests?


“Generally the process starts with an idea being brought to the table and we discuss where it can go. So, we will take that idea to the practice space and expand on parts of it to give it its DNA. We work very closely to finalise structures of songs so that we never stray into a straightforward formula. We always want to expand and explore different directions music can take. Having all five of us work on one person’s initial idea is an integral part of our sound.”


With the coast having an influence on each of the members, we explored what else contributed to their love of music and made it such a constant in their lives, from their childhood to what they all connect together over now:


“I think it’s safe to say our parents and family introduced us to huge influences and “the classics” such as Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles but we have expanded into modern psychedelia through sharing our experiences and personal findings with each other. We are always bringing new stuff we’ve found and saying “listen to this” whilst erupting with praise. Most recently we stumbled across Parcels - their melodies and harmonies are just insane! We all obviously love live music too. Most recently, we have seen Hawkwind, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Chemical Brothers alongside local bands too. We’re just a group of people who are big music fans and enjoy soaking up influence from any and all aspects.”


As 2018 comes to a close, a defining and propelling year for the band (they signed with both Kitelines and Roulette Media following the ⅗ release) the band are raring to go with a buzzing excitement and near restlessness for 2019 which leads to recording their next release. Considering there is seemingly an avalanche of influences from location to nostalgia and new music, how do they tame it all into something that is “Thrift”?


“This time round we are being more ambitious with how much we want to write and the particular structure of songs. Traditionally, we let it fall into place at its own pace but this time round we have made sure we finish 4 songs at any one time and will go over each section with a fine tooth comb before moving onto anything new. It’s all to make sure we are always progressing by expanding our sound and incorporating new elements (there’s officially a sitar in a song now). Everything feels more productive and exciting - we will be into new EP territory soon, but the ambition is 15 songs to create an album.”


Thrift play The Three Compasses in Hornsey on December 15th with The Tea Project and Close To The Sun.

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